Present yourself online,
just like in real life.

Hmmm is a personal life streaming app that lets you present yourself online, just like in real life.

With Hmmm, you can bring alive your different real life personas by creating your "Avatars," and you can make updates from each avatar visible to selective people from your life. Adding to this Hmmm also comes bundled with a one of a kind Inference engine which auto-magically groups your relevant updates together in the form of rich life stories.

Why "Avatars?"

Because in real life we don't play the same role to everyone and we don't share every detail of our life with everyone.

With Avatars, Hmmm lets you privately and intimately share life by letting users share via various micro-profiles (Avatars), where each Avatar is similar to real life roles we play, each Avatar will be made visible to a selective group like family members and close friends. A user can seamlessly adapt themselves to a particular avatar based on the context of what they are sharing and who they are sharing it with. And all updates from the avatar are personalized right from the notification to the cover picture, the whole experience becomes very intimate to the people involved.

Also, we all wear different personae based on whom we interact with, The minute you step into your office, your tone, mannerism and outlook changes and you're a much different person from the one who went out with close friends for happy hour the night before. In other words, at any given point in time your brain is aware of 'who you are'. And with that explicit knowledge, comes the freedom to act without worrying about who else is watching. This is precisely what Hmmm lets you achieve with its intuitive way of letting you build, personalize and wear your Avatar.

How does Hmmm build stories?

It does it auto-magically!

The app has an inbuilt inference engine which automatically groups relevant updates together. If a user frequently updates about a specific activity like running, waiting etc. Hmmm will group them together based on attributes like people, location, mood, intent, media and provide a snapshot of the users life around the activity. For eg. if the user is frequently listening to a song, Hmmm can let them know about the various activities they do/emotions they feel while listening to the particular song and when was the last time they listened to the song and who were they with then. It captures everything and presents them as interactive stories.

What can I share on Hmmm?

While we genuinely care about the meaningful updates from our friends, in the current social networks the meaningful updates get lost in the myriad of cat videos and crazy photographs. With Hmmm, sharing is inherently structured to avoid noise. Updates on Hmmm are categorized into five types

Activities - Share what you are doing

Emotions - Share how you are feeling

Location - Share where you are

Music - Share the joy of great music

Photo - Capture and share your life in colorful frames

You can also tag your friends on your updates and add your thoughts. Also, you can switch between your avatars to share your updates with the right set of people, all this together makes lifestreams on Hmmm. Totally noise-free and full of meaningful updates one would love to share and view.

So, what does "Hmmm" mean?

When the app let's you to magically adapt yourself based on the context of what you share, we wanted a name which is fluid, universally recognizable and something which would align well with the theme.

And what's a better name than Hmmm? it's a word which can represent different emotions just by slightly changing the way we render it. It could be Hmmm as in wondering or hmmmmmmm as in relishing or even Hmmm as in making a grin! A word that can adapt itself based on the context goes hand in hand with an app that let's you adapt yourself into various avatars based on what you share and whom you share it with.

What else can I do on Hmmm?

Of course, we have hidden a lot of surprises inside. We will spell out a few here!

Collaborative photo sharing - You can tag the photos you share on Hmmm and when your friends use the same tag Hmmm automatically creates a collaborative album, which you can revisit anytime.

One tap updates - As you use Hmmm, your most frequent updates will be tracked in the Popular category in the You screen, the next time when you are doing the same activity or if you are at the same location just tap once and the update is ready to be shared.

Rich detail pages - All activities, emotions, locations shared on Hmmm come with rich detail pages where you can dive deeper to understand your life around them based on various attributes.

Can I share on other social networks from Hmmm?


You can share the updates from your default public Avatar to your connected Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts, however updates made by other Avatars cannot be shared on Twitter or Foursquare and can be privately shared with the Facebook friends who are added to that particular Avatar.